Salaries at it-agile

Interessanter Ansatz zur Gehaltsfindung…

Stefan Roock

There are some discussions about open salaries coming up. Sometimes it-agile is mentioned but I think we never published what we are doing. So, here we come (we are about 30 people at it-agile).

Fixed salaries

We have fixed salary levels (roughly 9% difference from level to level).

Transparent salaries

These salary levels are transparent within it-agile and everybody at it-agile knows who is at which salary level.

No positions

We have no fixed positions at it-agile, just roles. Therefore the salary is not bound to a position. In principle everybody could „climb“ to the highest salary level.

Setting the salary level

We experiment a lot with the process to find the appropriate salary level for the it-agile people. What we have done (and dismissed) in the past:

  • The CEO sets the salary of each colleague (except himself).
  • A group of senior people set the salary of each colleague.
  • The…

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