BAN THE BAG – Launch der europaweiten Kampagne gegen Einweg-Plastik-Tüten


Ban The Bag

Biarritz, 3rd July 2014. On the occasion of the International Plastic Bag Free Day, Surfrider Foundation Europe launches its « Ban the bag » campaign: every European citizen will be able to convince his mayor and his shopkeepers to stop the distribution of single-use plastic bags.

Single-use plastic bags, a plague to fight

Single-use plastic bags have become the symbol of our consumer society. Massively used once for a very limited time period, these bags are found on the coast and in the ocean and have therefore destructive impacts on the environment, in particular on Oceans and Seas.

Surfrider, a long term player in the fight against single-use plastic bags

In this context, Surfrider has been active for years to raise awareness of citizens, politicians and industrials to stop their distribution: organization of waste collections and quantification including of plastic bags in the marine environment, awareness campaign “plastic bags are not automatic”…

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