Jetzt bewerben – 3 monatiges Praktikum bei der Surfrider Foundation Europe


SFE_RespectSurfrider Foundation Europe is offering a 3 months internship:
Intern responsible of territory mobilization

About Surfrider Foundation Europe:
Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organization, dedicated to defending, saving, improving and managing in a sustainable manner the oceans, coastlines, waves and the people who enjoy them. Since its creation, efforts have been concentrated on coastal issues, but today our scope of interest and involvement is spreading to related areas of lakes and rivers. Surfrider Foundation Europe is accredited with the EU, the United Nations, a member of Surfrider Foundation International but also the federation ‘France Nature Environment’ and of the European associative platform Seas at risk.

For Ocean Initiative organization, a vast European operation in raising awareness for the environment and mobilizing citizens for voluntary marine litter pickups, Surfrider Foundation Europe is looking for an intern to assist with the Ocean Initiatives organization in Germany.

Under the responsibility of…

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